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Made by a Speech Therapist for speech therapy.

Thumball is fun, and it works!

Developed by a Speech Therapist, Thumball combines speech and language with hands-on activity to improve motivation and progress.

It’s the perfect tool for creating focused attention.

By bringing a Thumball into your classroom, you can immediately start a session that instinctively increases participation. Just toss, pass, roll, and watch students instantly join in!

Thumball comes in many variations and can be customized to your lesson plan.

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Our Favorites

Make each therapy session count!

Explore the Thumballs that Speech Therapists and students love.

Who Are You?

Who are you

Stimulate social conversation and develop interpersonal communication skills.

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Emotion Mania


Help to develop an expanded understanding of feelings.

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Associate letter symbols with their sound. A perfect choice for teachers parents and game lovers everywhere!

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Thumball Carabiner

Store, display, and access your favorite tool faster than ever!

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There are endless possibilities for how you can use Thumball in your therapy space! With a Thumball fit for any lesson or conversation, you can find exactly what you need.

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